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How car fog lights work
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The filament of the light source is designed to be at the focus of the paraboloid of the mirror, and is reflected by the mirror to form a beam parallel to the optical axis. The light beam diffuses and refracts the beam to form a wide horizontal beam, and the light shape and illumination are made. In compliance with the regulations, the hood in the front fog lamp is used to cover the light from the filament to the upper part of the mirror, so that the light distribution has a clear cut-off line, that is, the upper and lower parts are bright, and the upper part of the light distribution edge is The visible area of the visible area is as dark as possible, and the horizontal spread angle of both sides of the lower bright area should be 50°, forming a bright area of left and right lateral direction to meet the requirements of neither dazzling nor good driving conditions for safe driving.