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How to choose LED headlights?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1. First check if your car is suitable for installing LED headlights. Because some car headlight assemblies have a small position for installing the bulbs, you can't install LED headlights. Only the original halogen bulbs can be installed.

2. Different models of LED bulbs are also different. If you want to change the LED headlights, you should look at the model description of the car lights in the car manual. If you don't want to look at the LED headlight manufacturers or the modification factory, and the LED sales staff, they will know the LEDs of the mainstream models. Lamp type.

3. Select the LED headlights for the “Heatsink+Fan” heat mode. Today's LED headlights are usually heated by a heat sink, or by a copper strip, and by a heat sink + fan. LED is a cold light source, but LED headlights are only the radiation is not hot, the lamp beads and components will still be hot, some small factories can not solve the problem of heat dissipation, which is why many manufacturers can not make the LED power bigger, but large The brand's LED headlights are fanned by a ball bearing, and combined with a heat sink and a fan to achieve temperature control, in order to achieve high power, to achieve higher brightness of the lights.

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