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Introduction to the use of fog lamps
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The function of the fog lamp is to let other vehicles see the car when the visibility in foggy or rainy days is greatly affected by the weather. Therefore, the light source of the fog lamp needs to have strong penetrability. The general vehicle uses halogen fog lamps. More advanced than halogen fog lamps are LED fog lamps.

The installation position of the fog lamp can only be below the bumper and the position of the car body closest to the ground to ensure the function of the fog lamp. If the position is high, the light can not penetrate the rain and fog to illuminate the ground (the fog is below 1 meter). Relatively thin), it is easy to cause danger.

Since the fog light switch is generally divided into three gears, the 0 gear position is closed, the first gear controls the front fog lamp, the second gear controls the rear fog lamp, and the front fog lamp works when one gear is opened, and the front and rear fog lamps work together when the two gears are opened. Therefore, when driving the fog lamp, it is recommended to know which gear position the switch is in, so that it can facilitate yourself without affecting others and ensure driving safety.