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LED car lights are so hot, do you know?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Since 2017, LED light source lights have experienced double-digit growth in the Chinese market, and LED lights will enter a stage of rapid development. In the post-market circulation field, it has gradually moved from the non-mainstream market to the mainstream market. At this time, there is another voice in the market. If it is so hot, will it shorten the industrial development cycle. On this issue, cautiously consult industry traders and experts, and the information obtained from them is “not also”. Looking at the development history of the global lamp industry, in the development of halogen lamps, we have about 40% difference in technical quality with international companies. In the current development of HID, the difference is less than 20%, and the current popular LED car From the perspective of the proportion of lights in the automotive aftermarket, China's LED applications can now be said to lead the world. From the point of view of the number of motor vehicles in China and the world, halogen lamps still account for 53% of the vehicles. From the LED replacement market of motor vehicles, the LEDs are still in the initial development stage, and the development space is still huge, so the industry is worried. The development cycle is just a domain rather than a global perspective. In addition, from the current main source of social light, we have not seen a new generation of social main light source alternative product form, the LED lamp bead in the upstream of the industrial chain is still in perfect development.