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Maintenance knowledge of LED electric car headlights
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Note 1: Eliminate inferior bulbs. The performance of the bulb is very important, because it will affect the effect of night lighting and affect driving safety, and high-quality LED headlights are a powerful guarantee for safe driving.

Note 2: Do daily maintenance. Electric vehicles need to be properly maintained, batteries need to be replaced, brakes are good, the same headlights need to be checked regularly and need to be replaced in time. Generally speaking, electric vehicles travel for 20,000 kilometers or 2 years, The brightness of the headlight bulb will be weakened. At this time, it is necessary to go to the service point for inspection. If the brightness of the headlight is insufficient, it is best to replace the bulb in time. It is best to replace both sides at the same time to keep the brightness uniform.

Note 3: Adjust the lights yourself. The light bulb of the headlight is the same as the bulb we use every day. It will age with the increase of time. If it is not replaced in time, it will make the driving more dangerous and the chance of accident will increase. For the majority of car owners, the daily maintenance of the lights is very important, caring for the lights, caring for life, bit by bit, let us drive more assured.

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