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Should the car choose the LED light or the xenon lamp?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The most energy-saving LED headlights, bright and power-saving are the most prominent features of LED headlights. The invention of LED headlights is inspired by fireflies. A firefly emits light at night. It does not need electricity or oil. Do you say that power is not? Therefore, LED technology is called the third lighting revolution, and in the future, our home lamps will also popularize LEDs. Specific to the car headlights, the most energy-saving is the LED headlights. LED headlights are generally 30W, 32W or 40W. The halogen lamp is usually 55W when the car is shipped from the factory. The xenon lamp is usually 35W search or 55W. The brightness LED headlights are generally 2.5-4 times the brightness of the halogen lamps. Now people are using the headlights for the modification. Generally, the LED headlights are used. The xenon lamps are not used. The xenon lamps are not the LED headlamps in previous years. Used before coming out.