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Teach you to use LED headlights correctly
- Aug 28, 2018 -

LED car headlights are the most important lighting fixtures. In the traffic regulations, the luminosity and illumination range of the headlights are required. The effect of lighting directly affects the traffic safety of you and others. LED headlights are mainly closed and bulb replaceable: closed type refers to the bulb and the lens, the lampshade is made into a whole, which is convenient for mass production of the whole lamp. Most square and round lamps of mini vehicles and commercial vehicles They are all closed. The headlights of the car are mostly irregular shapes, which is not conducive to making the closed type. Therefore, the structure in which the bulb is separated from the lampshade and the lens is used. The trend is that the more expensive the car, the more the headlights of the replaceable bulb are used. .

The correct use of LED car headlights helps to travel safely and avoid traffic accidents. Car owners are expected to learn more about car lights and traffic regulations. Pay attention to safety when traveling, use high-beam lights with civility, safely go all the way, and go back safely. Family!