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Car LED Headlights Recognize Common Mistakes
- Dec 08, 2018 -

Nowadays, the use of automotive LED headlights is more and more extensive. When buying auto LED bulbs, the majority of riders always hope that their lights will be brighter, with higher power, better heat dissipation, longer life and more stable quality. Therefore, many drivers and friends will pursue these performances when purchasing the lights, but the driver's friends will have misunderstandings about the lights. The following major mistakes are what our driver friends will have. We have made a summary here.

1, such as the brightness of automotive LED bulbs, we consider a total factor when buying a light bulb, is that the greater the brightness of the car LED lights, the greater the power? In fact, this is not absolute. We all know that LED is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The brightness of automobile bulbs is mainly the lumens within unit power. The greater the lumens per unit of power, the higher the brightness, not the power of the bulb.

2, when buying a light bulb, will consider whether the power of the LED bulb is greater, the higher the price? Actually not. Power is only a factor in the price of the bulb. As we mentioned in other articles, the price of LED bulbs has a lot to do with LED quality, color, light decay, anti-static and other factors. In addition, even if the LED bulb has a large power, the light type of the bulb is not good, the illumination is uneven, and there is a shadow, which will affect the quality of the LED bulb, which will affect the price of the bulb to a large extent. Moreover, the power of the LED bulb is too large, which may cause unreasonable heat dissipation and may burn the lamp bead.

3. When some car friends are in the light bulb, they feel that they can be installed as long as they are the same type of light bulb. In fact, it is wrong. With the development and improvement of the car, the size of the original lamp of the car is getting smaller and smaller. If the volume of the LED bulb is too large, there may be no way to install it.