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Car Lights Use The Rules Of The Light
- Aug 28, 2018 -

1. During nighttime streetlights, or when driving in low visibility such as fog, rain, snow, sand, hail, etc., the headlights, position lights and rear position lights should be turned on.

2. Turning, changing lanes, overtaking, turning around, and stopping by the side should turn on the turn signal 100 meters to 50 meters in advance.

3. When the motor vehicle turns to the left through an intersection controlled by traffic lights, turn on the turn signal and turn on the low beam at night.

4. When the rear car traveling in the same direction and the front car are driving at a close distance, the high beam lamp must not be used.

5. On roads without central isolation facilities or without centerline, nighttime vehicles should be replaced with low beam lights 150 meters away from the opposite direction, and should be used when narrow roads, narrow bridges and non-motor vehicles meet. Lights.

5. When a motorized vehicle passes a sharp bend, a slope, an arch bridge, a crosswalk or an intersection controlled by traffic lights at night, the far and near light lamps should be alternately used.