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Fog Light Operation Method
- Aug 28, 2018 -

1. The button turns on the fog light. Some vehicles use the button to turn on the front and rear fog lamps, that is, there are buttons marked with fog lamps near the instrument panel. After turning on the lights, press the front fog lamps to light the front fog lamps; press the rear fog lamps , you can light the fog light behind the car.

2. Rotate to turn on the fog light. Some vehicle lighting joysticks are equipped with a fog light on the steering wheel or under the left hand side air conditioner, which is turned on by rotation. When the button marked with the fog light signal is turned to the ON position, the front fog lamp is turned on, and then the button is twisted down to the position of the rear fog lamp, that is, the front and rear fog lamps are simultaneously turned on, and the fog lamp is turned on under the steering wheel.

3. Turn on the fog light under the air conditioner on the left hand side.