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It Is Necessary To Properly Maintain The Car Headlights
- Aug 28, 2018 -

In car maintenance, the maintenance of LED lights is often overlooked. The so-called rainy day, prevention is the choice of smart car owners, because the car has no "eyes" not only affects the comfort of driving, but also directly related To the safety of driving.

If the headlights are damaged, they are usually replaced with similar luminaires. Some cars are equipped with high-intensity discharge headlights, LED headlights, which generate high-density light sources through high-voltage arc discharges generated by their pre-designed electronic systems. Also check the headlamp lens for cracks, because although the surface crack does not affect the lighting performance of the headlights, moisture will penetrate into the fixture along the cracks, which will inevitably reduce the life of the bulb.

Reversing the car in the dark is really a headache, especially for drivers who don't have good eyesight. The weak light of the original inverted LED lights does not help much. You need a pair of reversing lights. This is An independent luminaire installed in the middle or below the rear bumper will automatically light up when you hang down the reverse gear. Its powerful brightness makes you never have to worry about reversing the night.