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LED Car Headlight Replacement Bulb Tips
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Due to its high volatilization speed, halogen headlights will have a decrease in brightness and melting until the use time increases. The design life is generally 2-3 years, and the life of xenon lamps is generally about doubled, up to 5-6 years. As for the long life of the LED, it can fully support the scrapping of the car.

The replacement of the car headlights can be done separately with a little hands-on skill, but before changing the headlights, you must know the model of your car headlights. The user can look at the bulbs removed from the car and there will be at the bottom of the bulb. Specific model labels; you can also look at the vehicle maintenance manual, which is indicated in the list of consumables for most model maintenance manuals.

 1. After confirming the model number, it is best to ensure that the vehicle is turned off before starting to replace the headlights, and the car key is removed until the engine is completely cooled.

 2. Open the engine hood, simply replace the big light bulb. Generally, there is no need to remove the headlight assembly. Different car lights are fixed in a slightly different way. Generally, there will be a dust cover at the end of the headlights. After that, you can see the wire spring of the headlights, and you can take out the headlights with force.

 3. After removing the bulb, you can unplug the bulb from the power connector, and the action should be light to avoid breaking the power connector.

4. Take out the new light bulb from the product packaging box, remember not to touch the glass part of the light bulb with your fingers, to avoid accidentally getting the wrong hand on the glass to affect its service life. It is best to wear gloves when operating, and The lamp is mounted to the power connector.

5. Finally, fix the bulb on the wire spring and screw on the sealing cap.