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LED Lights Commonly Have Several Faults And Solutions
- Dec 09, 2018 -

LED bulb is not lit

In general, LED bulbs do not illuminate, and in most cases are bulb drive problems. Because the LED of the LED bulb needs to be illuminated under certain voltage and current conditions, if the voltage is too low, the LED may not reach the lighting condition, but if the current is too large, the LED may burn directly. Therefore, a constant current drive or a buck drive is required to maintain the voltage in a range. Therefore, in the case that the LED bulb is not lit, it is possible to first consider whether it is a problem of LED driving.

LED bulb dimming

LED bulbs are dimmed. We must first consider the use of LED bulbs. If it is a bulb that has been used for a long time, this darkening situation is due to the fact that LED chips are normally used for light decay, so LED bulbs are also needed. Check after a period of time and replace it according to the light decay condition. If the LED bulb that has just been replaced is dimmed, consider whether there is a certain LED lamp bead burned or other conditions that cannot be normally illuminated. We can carefully observe the appearance of the lamp bead. If it is burnt, there will be obvious burnout marks. . If the lamp burns badly, we can replace the light bulb directly.

LED bulb will flash after turning off the light

In the case of flashing after the LED bulb is turned off, the first thing to consider is the wiring problem of the lighting system of the car. If there is a line problem, you need to adjust it immediately. If there is no problem with the line, it may be that the LED bulb generates a self-inductive current. If a self-inductive current occurs, we can connect the coil to the bulb through a relay to eliminate the self-inductive current.