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Routine Maintenance Of LED Taillights
- Aug 28, 2018 -

First, choose a dim environment, such as an underground parking lot or night, one person sitting in the driver's seat to observe the effect, turn on the LED taillights, cover a headlight with an opaque cloth, and adjust a headlight separately.

Secondly, mark the center of the light in the center of the wall with a marker or chalk, and make a mark on the wall corresponding to the position of the car (the center of the car) to measure the lights on both sides. The distance between the center points, the two distances should be equal. If there is a phenomenon of outward or inward deviation, you should look at the vehicle instruction manual and use a screwdriver to make fine adjustments so that the positions of the two LED tail lights are bilaterally symmetrical.

Finally, adjust the height of the beam, the right LED taillight should be completely horizontal and the left headlights will be raised upwards by about 10cm, but don't adjust it too high, so as not to direct the light directly to the driver's eyes, and the right LED taillights. The range can be shifted to the right to improve the visibility of the right side of the vehicle, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

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