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What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of LED Lights?
- Dec 11, 2018 -

1, LED lamp life: It is conceivable that the LED lamp with long life is relatively high in price.

2, LED light chip: LED light chip is the key material of LED lights, the chip is the illuminant of LED lights, the LED lights are different, the price of the controller of LED lights is different. In general, domestic chips and Taiwan-made chips are cheaper, and foreign chips such as Seoul, South Korea and Japan will have higher prices.

3, the brightness of LED lights: The main role of LED lights is lighting, different brightness of the lights, the price will have a certain difference.

4, LED car light radiator or heat dissipation: As we all know, as long as the LED lights work, there will be power, it will produce heat, and the fan heat effect of LED lights is important to affect the life of LED lights. factor. Different heat dissipation methods have different heat dissipation materials for LED lamps, and the price is different.

5, the color of LED lights: LED lights now more and more colorful, such as the current fog lights of LED lights are common white and gold light, LED to the reversing lights are mainly red, LED turn signals have white light And the red light and the white light of the LED have different color temperature differences. We often say warm white, white, and cool white light. These are the differences between the color and color temperature of the LED lights. Certainly, different light emitting diodes are different. Most prices still have a certain difference.